Two Phoenix business owners drove to Texas to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey

As parts of Texas continue with the recovery efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, some Valley business owners are doing their part to help the victims of the hurricane.

Stewart Meadows and Deon Nikolich not only collected thousands of pounds of donations in Arizona, they drove the supplies to Houston to hand them out in the areas that need them most.

Meadows is the owner of Chi Town Dogz, which a gourmet hot dog catering service, and Nikolich owns Dejavue Auto Werks, a restoration shop for cars. They had to leave their businesses behind, while they help out.

The efforts, however, hit a few snags along the way.

The volunteers taking those supplies to the hurricane victims had just crossed the state line into Texas, when they had two blowouts on their trailer. One of the rims was reportedly blown off completely. The two, however, finally made it to a suburb on the northeast side of Houston Wednesday morning, where they met up with their friend Bryanna Cox.

"They were able to finally make it here this morning and get the trailer unloaded and get all their supplies delivered to one of the communities that was hit hardest in our area," said Cox.

The help was a welcome sight to the victims of Harvey. The Arizona crew set up a row of tents, all filled with anything and everything people need at this very moment.

"Hygiene items, baby items, clothing, bedding, food,water, toys, I mean anything you could possibly imagine," said Cox.

The group also brought lots of water, and plenty of non-perishable food for people to just stop by and pick up, no questions asked. They say they aren't seeking publicity, that they just want others to reach out and help their communities -- or in this case, even strangers -- during a time of need.

"We're all praying for Florida and the East Coast right now and hoping Irma goes away," said Cox. "If she doesn't, and she hits those cities, we want them to know that we will be there as well."