10-year-old boy still missing from Buckeye

It's been 11 days since 10-year-old Jesse Wilson was reported missing by his mother. Jesse was last seen Sunday, July 17 at his home in Buckeye.

His mother told police she believed her son may have crawled out of his bedroom window because he had run away in the past. Police and groups of volunteers have been searching for him ever since.

As the days grow long the community of Buckeye continues to step in to help.

"As a father I know if anyone could help me in anyway to find my kid if he or she was lost, you know, that's what we're doing. That's why we are here, we're going to get Jesse found," said Ed Green.

Dominos Pizza in Buckeye switched their normal advertisement on pizza boxes to flyers with Jesse's picture on it.

"We put out hundreds of pizzas a day, we wanted to be able to reach the people in a different way. Not everyone get their news from the news, from the news paper, you know maybe we can reach someone that knows something and they didn't have any way of contacting them," he said.

Police are still working day-in and day-out to find Jesse.

"What we're doing right now we're still using our uniformed patrol officers to go out and search for Jesse. We're also using some air assets that have been made available to us and any leads that have been coming in which has been few and far between, we're asking the public for some more. Any lead we get detectives go out right away and follow up on it," said Sergeant Jason Weeks.

Unfortunately there's been no sign of Jesse.

"I'd say we're getting a little more concerned. You know our ultimate goal is to find Jesse safely and bring him back to his family that's our number one goal. With all of the high heat and everything that's what we're concerned about. The one thing is that we believe that Jesse is out there. If he's with somebody or someone has him all we ask is just give us a telephone call, let us know Jesse is safe. Let us go out and meet with him and let us get him back to his family," said Weeks.