5 months ahead of Christmas, Phoenix Zoo begins work on ZooLights

The Phoenix Zoo is ahead of the game getting prepared for Christmas season for their annual event ZooLights.

ZooLights Supervisor Justin Davis and his crew spend several months getting reading for the Valley's holiday traditions.

"I sit down with my team and we decide what theme do we want where do we want to put certain things, what colors do we want once we have a collective mind agreement on that then we start picking colors and start getting into trees," said Davis.

Millions of Christmas lights will be installed throughout the Phoenix Zoo.


"We're up to 2.5-3 three million lights a month around there we have over a thousand armatures. This year we are bringing lanterns back we have these art boxes that are art pieces that I think are going to add a really cool element," said Davis.

The crew works over the summer to have the holiday tradition come to life and Davis says it's all worth it.

"I like to find what is a cool scene one of my favorites and then just sit close by so I can listen how families react. This is like whole pat yourself on the back when you hear a whole family say OMG this is awesome I'm like that's cool that was me," said Davis.

The 30th anniversary of the ZooLights will start every night on November 24 to January 14 of 2022.

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