6-year-old creates educational videos impersonating famous black icons

Six-year-old Rosie White, and her mom Kenya, make cute and educational videos all year, but put a special emphasis on February for Black History Month.

"I didn't want to teach her the trauma of black history that I was taught as a kid her age," said Kenya. "I want her to learn about woman and inventors. Something that she can reflect on and say ‘hey, I can do that. I can be just like her'."

Rosie makes educational videos impersonating famous black women. In addition to those videos, this year she will be doing quick history lessons about famous black inventors.

Her makeup, wigs and costumes capture the look of these celebrities while she tells their story. The videos she's made have also gotten the attention of the person she's impersonating. 

Videos will be posted every Monday and Thursday throughout February on her Instagram @GoRosieGrow.