7th annual Shop With A Cop event took place in Phoenix

Phoenix law enforcement members went holiday shopping with Valley kids, in the 7th annual "Shop With A Cop" event Thursday morning.

About 100 students walked their way through the aisles with police officers, at a Target store on 19th Avenue and Bethany Home Road. Officers said they choose kids who are less fortunate, and are good kids.

"They try to pick kids based on kids that are, number one, working hard to stay in school, that are working hard in school and exhibit good citizenship values," said Ken Crane with the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association. "Kids that are team players, kids that are almost little leaders in their own right."

The kids are given $250 to spend on gifts. Officers said they impressed with how selfless they are with that money.

"You think little kids would want to go in and start buying a bunch of stuff for themselves, but typically, they're buying for their brothers or sisters or moms or dads," said Crane. "Oftentimes, their officer partner goes 'hey', they have to remind them, 'hey, pick something for yourself too.'"

When the $250 aren't enough for the gifts, the officers are there to respond to the call.

"The other thing that we see, too, is every once in a while, they get to the register and they might be a little short, and you just see cops pull their wallet out to just pay the difference and make that up, just so they can have a good Christmas," said Crane.

Police is hopeful that events like these will create a strong bond with the community, and make positive interactions at a young age. Along with doing their holiday shopping, the kids received goodie bags, and a picture with Santa.