911 calls released in deadly double shooting

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There's new information in what can only be described as a cold-blooded killing.

A former Phoenix Police Department employee is accused of shooting and killing his wife -- and a construction worker, who was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

This was a stunning situation when it happened. A couple with domestic problems and finally, a breaking point. Christopher Wright shot and killed his wife, Nasbah Laverne Wright, early on the morning of May 31 after he shot a Good Samaritan who was trying to help.

Now we're hearing the frightening moments of a wife and mother in trouble.

"He tried to take off in my car and I wouldn't let him and my car is in my name..."

An early morning phone call to 911 paints a scary picture of a man in rage and a wife trying to hold it all together. Minutes later, another conversation with 911 operators had a different tone.

"No, everything's fine. I'm going back home."

But she never made it home. Police reports state the arguing continued and he reached speeds of over 100 miles per hour.

"Please stop! Stop!"

90 seconds later, he stopped the Range Rover SUV they were riding in near Loop 202 and McKellips Road. Clearly shaken, she described the horror that she was facing.

"Help me, help me... He has a rifle in the car and he's going to shoot me. Stop.. don't... stop.. stop."

Operator: "We're going to get you a unit over there."

"No! No.."

Seconds later, gun shots heard in the background.

Tomas Olivas Ornelas had pulled over to help out. The 49-year-old was killed while sitting in his pickup truck, just before Wright turned the gun on his wife.

As the news unfolded the following morning, the Orenelas family started to worry.

"I saw on.. FOX 10 News that there was a shooting on McKellips and the truck involved looks a lot like my father's and I can't get a hold of him," said a family member.

Wright had a history of domestic violence and resigned from the Phoenix Police Department in 2009. He'll face a trial in February and prosecutors, as recently as two weeks ago, say they intend to pursue the death penalty.