Abused rabbits rescued from Gilbert home now ready for adoption at Arizona Humane Society

A terrible case of what's being described as animal cruelty resulted in Gilbert police and the Arizona Humane Society rescuing 166 rabbits from one home. One rabbit didn't make it, but the others are slowly being brought back to health, spayed and neutered. Some are already up for adoption.

"All of them are in really good shape, we're getting them cleaned up and ready to go," 

On Aug. 23, the rabbits were in a much different place. That Friday, AHS assisted Gilbert PD on an animal cruelty case, near the area of Warner and Gilbert roads, involving 166 rabbits. It's suspected the owner was breeding the rabbits as a hobby to sell and to potentially butcher for meat.

"They are here now [and] we're working with some of our rescue partners to get them spayed, neutered, and up for adoption,"

AHS' veterinary clinic will be completing approximately 5 -7 rabbit surgeries daily.

"It puts a lot of strain on our resources, but that's where our rescue partners come into play as well and that helps a lot,"

One of the rescues, Charity, was hired by AHS.

"She'll be going out to schools in the community and teaching kids about animal care and the importance of animals in our community," 

The others all need to be adopted out.

"Anyone that's into animals - rabbits are a great addition to your home. They're not super cuddly, but they'll come up and snuggle up against you."