Ahwatukee homes prepared for demolition by ADOT

Nearly 200 homes will be knocked down to build the new Loop 202 South Mountain Freeway in Ahwatukee.

The first home is set to be demolished starting Thursday.

The Arizona Department of Transportation bought the homes, and now they're doing prep work by removing asbestos to make the house safe to destroy.

Mike Middleton is moving out for good today with his family, he knows his son will never be able to point to the place where he grew up.

"He is not going to have the same luxury I had, I go to Iowa and say we lived here, and here, but this house will be all gone, my kids will lose that you know, it is memories that are gone for the entire family," said Mike Middleton.

Houses up and down the block have been labeled with red spray paint that they are going to go.

The demolition contractors have the right to salvage the appliances inside, water heaters, and washers were loaded onto a trailer. The Middleton family is one of the last to leave.

Does Mike Middleton think the process was done well? "No, ADOT has all the rules, they hire appraisers that are over a year old," he said.

"Luckily I am a Realtor, I have the info I need, so I got a fairly decent offer," said Middleton.

They will leave this neighborhood and move to the west side of Ahwatukee and build a new tradition.

ADOT was asked to speak on camera, but a spokesperson says they are not giving interviews as demolition begins.