American Airlines Airbus A321neo takes inaugural commercial flight

PHOENIX (FOX 10) - There are plenty of inconveniences while traveling, but thanks to the newest member of the American Airlines' fleet, flying the friendly skies just got a little easier.

The Airbus A321neo boasts a fully connected onboard experience that includes power at every seat, a holder for tablets and phones, free wireless entertainment and live TV streaming to your device, and high-speed WiFi from gate to gate.

"We're excited, this is a great day for us, great new airplane... this is the Airbus A321neo and we're onboard our first one," Josh Freed said.

Josh Freed with American Airlines says customer comfortability was also a top priority with 196 seats -- 20 in first class, 47 in the main cabin extra and 129 in the main cabin.

There's a little more room for everything, including your bags.

"There's a lot of room," Free said. "A big part is these overhead bins up here. Nobody likes to gate check their bags. These are the biggest overhead bins you can get for these airplanes."

Customers waiting to board the new aircraft seemed excited.

"We didn't know this was a brand new airplane, so it's quite a surprise," Jack Marquette said. "So we're looking forward to it. That's pretty super. I like being on new planes."

So what are the chances you'll get to take a flight on one of these new aircraft? The odds only get better over time.

"We've got an order for 100 of these," Freed said. "Over the next several years, this plane's going to be flying out to Orlando for a little while and after that, we'll be adding additional routes as we get additional airplanes this year."