Apple opens global data center in Mesa

MESA, Ariz. (KSAZ) - iCloud backups, iTunes, and all things Apple that touch most of our lives are now running through this building in Mesa.

The fast-growing tech giant, Apple, unveiled its $2 billion-dollar investment in a global data and command center.

"They trust Mesa a lot and the fact that they've invested so heavily in the significance and the strategic value of this building and the financial commitment to this building is really very flattering for Mesa and the whole state of Arizona," said John Giles, mayor of Mesa.

The facility represents only a portion of Apple's impact on the state, as well as the country, but it's creating a whirlwind of opportunity for the state of Arizona.

From the state's public education system to more job opportunities.

"Mesa Community College has an IT certification program," Mayor Giles said. "You can go there as one of the few programs in the country where you get Apple-certified teachers teaching you how to create Apple apps."

The center is expected to open up over 1,100 total high-paying job opportunities for Apple employees.

"Today, Apple supports 30,000 jobs in Arizona between our own employment, suppliers, contributing to our manufacturing operations," said Christina Rasby, Apple VP of global real estate and facilities. "This facility, as well as thousands of jobs in the state, attributable to Apple and its ecosystem, the App Store and iOS."