Arizona DPS Director accused of speeding in excess of 90 mph on I-17

Newly released video shows the Arizona Department of Public Safety's top-ranking official getting pulled over by a Yavapai County Sheriff's deputy in October.

The deputy tells Director Frank Milstead he was clocked at over 90 miles per hour on Interstate 17 near Camp Verde.

A woman in the passenger seat tells the deputy they were heading to Flagstaff to do a memorial hike for her late husband, DPS medic Bruce Harrolle who was an officer killed in the line of duty. The woman in the car is Angela Harrolle, who Milstead said in a tweet is his fiance. She also is the head of the 100 Club, which helps families of fallen officers.

The deputy takes Milstead's license and registration then returns to their SUV and Milstead hands him something appearing to identify himself as working for DPS.

Milstead was let off with a warning. YCSO released a statement.

On December 4, Milstead tweeted about the traffic stop.