Arizona Fine Art Expo runs through March 22 in Scottsdale

One hundred artists are creating high-quality fine art underneath one giant tent for a 10-week residency.

Anyone who attends the Fine Art Expo in Scottsdale can watch as artists create signature art pieces onsite.

"We have new artists come and a lot of activity and you can watch them paintings, making jewelry -- which is one of my favorites -- and everything in between," Judy Long said.

 "You get to intermingle with so many other different artists," Don Nutter-Watkins said. "You learn things from them. They learn things from you. We create friendships. It's a great time."

Everything from sculptures and photography to woodworking and live music.

"I do photo-realism and I also do some Photoshop work -- that's a little bit of creativity for me," Dennis Doyle said. "It allows me to capture and create."

It's a fascinating scene art lovers can step inside the spaces and minds of the artists at work.