Arizona firefighters help fight California wildfires

PHOENIX (KSAZ) - The images are shocking, and it's easy to feel helpless as the wildfires tear across the state of California.

Thankfully, many fire departments across Arizona are able to offer some relief, including engine boss Phil Bruglio from the Sedona Fire District.

"Really, what the job is is we're just going through all the homes and making sure we have what we called good and good fire edge around the area where the fire came into the community in Thousand Oaks," he said.

Phil says right now the biggest challenge is the wind, something only Mother Nature can control.

"I think you guys are all aware that really what we're dealing with are the Santa Anas right now," he said. "They been actually pretty strong dealing with not necessarily high temperatures, but low in this wind and being really, really dry and very receptive to burning."

Phil adds that preventing hot spots from flaring up and reaching highly-flammable terrain is a top priority.

"As the fire comes through, as the front runs through, sometimes it leaves behind little pockets of heat that especially when these winds come in, they get a day or two and start popping up and if they're in the wrong spot they can get into a green belt of fuel and start running at houses again, so it's really important to get in there and do a good job," he said.

Phil says even though this is an extremely difficult time for firefighters and residents, there's never been a lack of support.

"The community out here has been fantastic and they're a very supportive community and it's been really good to work with these folks out here," he said.