Arizona Game and Fish seeks forever homes for desert tortoises

TOLLESON, Ariz. (KSAZ) - These desert tortoises are in need of a forever home, but for now, Arizona Game and Fish is getting them ready for adoption. All ages and sizes of the tortoises are listed in the Desert Tortoise Adoption Program.

"For the adults that we've got and the babies because we do recommend them be outside," said Teagan Wolf with Arizona Game and Fish. "There's an application process you go through, so you have to build a burrow for them in your yard. Make sure it's completely enclosed so that they can't get out and we do need to see all that with the completed application."

The adoption program has so far been successful. Take Cisco, for example, the three-legged desert tortoise was hit by a car and had his leg amputated.

Now, Cisco is living a resort life at his forever home in Peoria.

"We always need homes for tortoises," Wolf said. "There's never a time that we don't. Right now, we have close to 30 that are looking for homes and there's no adoption fee at all. You just have to put the time in to build them a really nice burrow in your yard."

Like Cisco, Arizona Game and Fish says they hope to see the adoption program place these tortoises in the new home they deserve.

For information on how to adopt a desert tortoise, click here.