Arizona Humane Society dealing with aftermath of 4th of July fireworks

It's no secret, just like oil and water, that dogs and fireworks don't mix.

Just ask the representatives from the Arizona Humane Society who say every July they pick up dozens of frightened dogs after the Fourth of July.

"So, the AHSMT had a very busy day yesterday," Ashleigh Goebel said.

Just like when a child gets separated from their parents, dogs can panic when separated from their owners. In fact, Ashleigh says she remembers one case last year when the dog did a 180 after being reunited with its owner.

"Just nipping, really hard to handle, and that owner came in," she said.

If you know ahead of time there will be fireworks, Ashleigh says there are ways to sooth your pet.

"Keep them inside, keep them calm," she said.

If you are on the other side of things and come across a furry friend, take a moment to assess the situation, find out if it's a pet or stray, injured or healthy and then act accordingly.

"Well, if you find a pet and they're injured, you can bring them to the AHS," she said.