Arizona political consultant talks President Trump's diagnosis campaign impact

Now that President Donald Trump and several other Republican leaders have tested positive for COVID-19, many are left to wonder where does that leave the campaign?

The election is about a month away and there are more questions than answers about what the next month will look like.

Stan Barnes, an Arizona political consultant with 
Copper State Consulting Group, says right now is a waiting game, but he doesn't believe that the president contracting COVID-19 will affect him politically.

"It's as impactful as you can imagine, but no one really knows because we have never really been here," Barnes said.

Trump's campaign scheduled rallies in Arizona are on hold after the president contracted COVID-19. Barnes says he believes the rallies will eventually be canceled and he's 99% sure Trump won't do virtual rallies.

"A lot will depend on how he actually handles it. In fact, the outcome of the election is probably dependent on Donald Trump's dealing with the virus. If it gets on top of him, this election could go against him," Barnes said.

There are pros and cons, Barnes says, explaining the positive is he'll have a personal story, cons are he can't have rallies and debates.

How will this blow affect the Republican party with the biggest election just a month away? Barnes says, "I think Americans have already made up their mind. I don't believe there is a significant swing vote that is trying to decide what to do about all this."

Barnes says the president contracting COVID-19 is difficult for his running mate Joe Biden's campaign, as well. 

"Afterall, they want voters to go their direction. They don't want to repel and they certainly don't want to offend voters with bad politics about their opponent, the incumbent President of the United States laying in a hospital bed, with a possibly deadly disease," Barnes explained.

While the president won't be visiting Arizona until he recovers, Vice President Mike Pence will be in Peoria on Thursday, Oct. 8th. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will be in the state as well on Oct. 8th.