Arizona second grader brought guns, ammo to school: sheriff

A second-grade student at a Cochise County elementary school is facing charges for allegedly bringing two guns and ammunition to school, authorities said Wednesday.

The incident happened on Aug. 29 when the Cochise County Sheriff's Office was notified that a 7-year-old student at Cochise Elementary School had a weapon in his backpack.

Deputies responded to the school and met with the student.

"It was discovered that a gun and ammunition was located inside of his backpack, and ultimately a second handgun was discovered as well," the sheriff's office said.

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After meeting with the boy's parents, the sheriff's office said the 7 year old was referred for charges of misconduct with a weapon and possession of a firearm.

A sheriff’s spokeswoman said it was unlikely that the boy’s parents will face charges in the incident, which remains under investigation.

No further details were released.