2 students arrested, accused of threatening school shooting in Prescott Valley

Two young students were arrested after authorities say they made a video threatening to "shoot up" a school in Prescott Valley.

The Yavapai County Sheriff's Office says they received a report from a parent on Aug. 27 that their seventh grader had a video of a 12-year-old student making threats to "shoot up" Prescott Valley Charter School. 

Deputies responded to the parent's home and were able to watch the video, which was recorded on the school bus the day before.

"The camera on the cellphone used to record the statement was covered, but the child stated he knew who the voice on the recording was and gave the name to the deputy," the sheriff's office said.

Deputies arrested the student in the video, who alleged he was coerced by the other student to make the threat. The reporting student was also arrested.

Both students are accused of making a terrorist threat and false reporting.

"We need to drill into our kids that making any type of threat about school violence will always be taken seriously," Sheriff David Rhodes said."We don’t want to see children with these charges on their records however, we have zero tolerance for threats of school violence. This is the second seventh-grader in four months to make the same type of threat, which also resulted in arrest. Any threats of violence are intolerable and inexcusable."

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The Prescott Valley Police Department will patrol the school to ensure the safety of staff and students.