Arizona skydiver wins bronze in international parachuting championship

Every four years, hundreds of elite athletes across the world jump out of a plane in order to be named the best skydivers on Earth.

One Arizona skydiver earned medals in Russia and now wants to expand the sport in the desert.

This is a speed test, going all out in front of judges to be the best in the world.

 "It was quite an experience," said Justin Price with Arizona Airspeed. 

Price talked about his experiences at the 2021 FAI World Parachuting Championships in Siberia. The US earned plenty of hardware in that competition.

"It was a group effort and a good individual effort," Price said.

Plenty of practice goes into reaching perfection.

"Somewhere around 15,000 jumps," Price said.

Justin got a bronze medal at the event with the USA combined national team in canopy piloting.

"He grew up in Arizona with two skydiving parents and jumped for the first time at 16," said Greg Windmiller with Zone Accuracy.

"There’s freedom in it," Price explained. "You can just cruise with a wing and check it out, pretend you’re a bird, and end up taking a canopy and going fast on a landing or free fall with your friends and play tag, play chase - it’s just a good way to have fun."

Now he's looking to take his love for the sport and get younger people involved.

"I’ve been trying to create content for younger jumpers interested in canopy piloting," the skydiver said.

Perhaps that will translate into more Arizona medals in the years to come.

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