Arizona tribe lifts evacuation notice two weeks after storm

SELLS, Ariz. (AP) -- A Native American tribe in southern Arizona has finally lifted an evacuation notice two weeks after heavy rainfall threatened a 22-foot-high earthen dam and forced some people to leave their homes.

The Tohono O'odham Indian Nation said Tuesday that members from the villages of Ali Chugk and Kohatk have been transported back to their communities.

Tribal officials say Tropical Storm Rosa damaged 64 homes while damage assessments still are ongoing for impacted roadways, public buildings and utility systems.

They say equipment still is being used to pump the lake behind Meneger's Dam and lower the water level safely.

Five pipes currently are discharging water into a tributary wash.

Tribal officials say that at full capacity, approximately 84 million gallons of water will be discharged within a 24-hour period.