Arpaio takes the stand in court for a second day

Sheriff Joe Arpaio took the stand for the second day, as part of a contempt of court hearing.

On the stand was a very different Sheriff than the one appearing in video clips from a few years ago. Back then he was defiant, telling reporters he wouldn't give in. Now he's admitted to disobeying the judge's order, but claims it wasn't intentional.

When asked by the ACLU how he reacted to the judge's orders, and why he didn't personally inform some of the staff, the Sheriff said "that was delegated to my subortinates." Arpaio went on to say "because I never get involved in those type of situations, I always delegate."

How the MCSO disciplines its own has become a major issue in the case. Earlier this year Arpaio assigned a subortinate to discipline Chief Deputy Jerry Sheridan for issues related to the judge's order. When pressed if that was a conflict of interest the Sheriff said "Chief Sheridan is a very professional and dedicated employee for this office with a tremendous background, and I stand by him unless something else comes up in the future, that is the way it is."

Because of a scheduling conflict, Arpaio took a break from testifying to allow an internal affairs investigator to take the stand. She told the court that when the money ran out to fund a known conspiracy theorist who claimed the Judge and the Department of Justice were conspiring against Arpaio, the Sheriff demanded they figure out a way to find funding. She claimed she was told the Sheriff himself spent $10 of his own money.

Testimony is expected to continue on Friday.