Arrest made in road rage shooting that killed Phoenix man

An arrest has been made in a deadly drive-by shooting from late September.

Initially, police responded to a rollover crash near 7th Avenue and Gibson, which is where police found the victim with a gunshot wound.

"It feels like just yesterday that I got the news that [Milligan] was gone," said Milligan's sister, Nancy Giblin. "I didn't wanna believe my brother had died in a car accident, and then, later on that night, we find out that it wasn't a car accident."

Phoenix Police say Milligan drove north on 7th Avenue, south of Watkins, when a green RAV4 pulled up next to him. Moments later, he was shot in the head through the driver side window, and Milligan's Honda crashed into a power pole.

The shooting suspect, now identified by police as 35-year-old Steven Orona, drove off. The day after the shooting, police released surveillance video of the RAV4, moments after the shooting.

"We never lost hope that we would find who killed my brother," said Giblin.

Investigators used additional surveillance footage to trace where the suspect vehicle came from, and identified Orona. He was arrested at his home on Nov. 12.

According to police, Orona's girlfriend admitted to being in his car during the shooting. Authorities found the green RAV4 at her family's property in Buckeye, with the rims recently painted black.

The girlfriend told detectives Milligan pointed a gun at them, so she ducked before Orona opened fire with a 9mm gun. Police, however, never found a gun in the victim's car.

Orona, who is accused of first-degree murder and drive-by shooting, has made an appearance in court.

As for Mulligan, the 39-year-old leaves behind a wife and three kids.

"You know his six-year-old - his dad's not gonna be there to when he graduates, his daughter was gonna be 15 years old, he's not gonna be there to walk her down the aisle and do all the things that a dad should do," said Giblin.

Giblin says she never lost hope that an arrest would be made but it has been a tough time

"I miss him so much, and I wish it was a different circumstance and he could be here with us, but he’s not, but his legacy will continue, and we will make sure that his kids know and keep it going what a wonderful person he was. I just miss him so much," said Giblin.