As Arizona emerges from depths of COVID-19 Pandemic, more people are out and about this Memorial Day

In 2020, Memorial Day had a very different look and feel due to COVID-19, but as mask and social distancing requirements end in 2021, ore people are out and about this Memorial Day.

At Riverview Park, the Wolfe family doing what they do best: having a good time.

"Oh God, last year at this time, we all got sent home from work. Couldn’t go anywhere, couldn't do anything," said Christina Wolfe.

Meanwhile, Lee Addison and his fiancé were grilling up some food.

"Got some chicken," said Addison.

Over at Tempe Rown Lake, plenty of boats were on the water, with Joseph Wilder providing the caffeine fix from his cold brew cart.

"Yea, it feels good seeing everyone out and about, moving around instead of scared and trapped in the house," said Wilder."

"Everyone’s out everyone’s having fun. Nobody’s scared. It’s like how it should be," said Monica Applewhaite.

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