As scorpion season nears, Arizona business creates repellent for homes

Spring is the time when scorpions begin to creep out to feed once again, and while these sightings are nothing new for a mother of three in Gilbert, she plans to do something about them once and for all.

"My son has found them in his room under his bed. We have found them on our ceiling while we are watching a movie together," Lisa Fuller said.

Fuller is constantly on edge wondering when one will show up.

"We don’t want a surprise and move a toy and get stung," Fuller said, and that's why she is getting ahead of the problem with Scorpion Repel.

"If someone sees a scorpion in their house, they have to take care of it," said Tony Gonzales, co-founder of Scorpion Repel.

The company created a one-of-a-kind repellent that they apply to the exterior of your home.

Gonzales says it dries clear and adds that it's glass-like. "Since scorpions cannot climb out of glass, this is how we keep them out of your home."

He explains that if there's one scorpion, there are definitely more and it's important to clear debris around your home and check your home and yard with a black light.

"Be mindful scorpions are everywhere. Be mindful if you go out and smash scorpions and call pest control, you will get rid of some, but it is difficult to get rid of all of them," Gonzales says.

Fuller says this is her first time actually getting a crew out to her home and hopes it will bring some relief during the hot months.

"Besides burning our house down, this is the next best option," Fuller said jokingly.

Gonzales says 90% of scorpion stings happen in homes. During the hot months, they tend to find a way inside to get relief from the heat.

For more information on the repellent, visit this link

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