ASU to extend online classes through the end of spring semester due to coronavirus pandemic

Officials with Arizona State University announced Monday that online classes at the university will be extended through the end of the spring semester.

The decision was announced by University President Michael Crow, via his Twitter page.

"We are already in this mode and off to a great start with more than 14,000 classes being offered online," the statement wrote. "Details on continued online instruction for students will be communicated by faculty directly to students."

Officials say university housing will remain open for those who must stay, and essential services will continue to be provided to students who remain on campus. The university will also remain open.

ASU transitioned its in-person classes to online instruction, starting on Monday, as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. According to initial statements by ASU, the transition was supposed to last for two weeks.

According to ASU officials, there are over 111,000 people enrolled at ASU in 2018, the latest year with figures available. On ASU's Tempe campus alone, there are over 51,000 students.

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