ASU to try out outdoor learning for upcoming spring semester

Arizona State University is open for in-person and online classes as they've had to pivot to accommodate students during the COVID-19 pandemic.

With just months left in the fall semester, school officials are making new plans ahead of the spring semester.

They hope their new plan will ensure student and staff safety while attracting more students to campus.

For the spring, there will be opportunities for more in-person learning by moving class outside.

"We are heading into the most beautiful months here in Arizona so we want to be able to take advantage of the outdoor spaces and weather that is so great," explained Katie Paquet, ASU spokesperson.

They've constructed new outdoor spaces on their Tempe campus and are working with faculty and staff to figure out what can be hosted in an outdoor environment.

"Public health officials recommend that outdoor spaces are a good place to be right now and we want to make sure we are taking advantage," Paquet said.

Also on top of outdoor additions, the school will be adding more technology upgrades, including adding microphones to make Zoom learning easier.

In the coming weeks, school officials will be checking in with students and staff about new ways they can make this type of learning easier.

If everything goes according to plan, outdoor learning will start at the beginning of the spring semester in January.