Audio reveals death threats made against 911 dispatchers after police misconduct video went viral

NOTE: Due to potentially disturbing content, discretion is advised.

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- A week ago, it was revealed that a dispatcher has been getting threats since video came out showing Phoenix Police officers pointing guns at a family during a shoplifting investigation. Now, we are hearing how nasty some of those calls to 911 have been.

News of dispatchers getting threats came from a tearful Phoenix Police dispatcher during a Phoenix City Council meeting. During the meeting, she talked about the threats coming into the department following a now-viral video.

"We took calls from these people threatening to kill our family," said the dispatcher, during the meeting.

On Monday, FOX 10 has obtained some of those calls. Many of the calls contain disturbing language.

"Hi. I just saw the video of one of your officers manhandling a black woman. I want you to hear my voice, and I want you to know that I pray that you die, you evil white [expletive deleted]," said one person.

The calls came in between June 14 and June 20, after the video of the arrest went viral. Calls range from the bizarre to the extreme. At least one call came from out of state.

"And I want to make my self clearly, and I am calling and making a threat. I will put evil spirits upon that man, and I practice high-level voodoo. Do you understand me?" said one person.

"You racist [expletive deleted], I hope you all die and your kids die the same way," said a man.

Phoenix City Councilmember Sal DiCiccio, who represents Biltmore, Ahwatukee, Arcadia and North Central areas of Phoenix, had called for the release of the calls. He said some of the callers are being investigated.

"Individuals still have a right to say what they want to say, it's just when they get past that point where they start threatening," said DiCiccio. "They threaten families, 911 operators, once it gets up to that level, that's when the investigation is occurring and it is happening."

Some of the dispatcher's perform information were circulated online and on social media. Those account were reported, and some of the information were taken down.