Authorities working together to help keep Waste Management Phoenix Open attendees safe

The week-long Waste Management Phoenix Open is underway.

On Monday, the gates were free to pass through as fans came to check out the practice rounds before the real fun begins Wednesday. 

People all know about the basic safety of an event like this. There's officers and paramedics walking around, and everyone needs clear bags.

While fans may not notice, blocks away, attached to a truck and behind a door, a Command Center works to keep fans safe.

"This is our Unified Command Post," said Scottsdale Fire Captain Dave Folio. "All the players are at the table in there." 

It may not look like much, but behind each walkie-talkie, each keyboard and every screen, is a different department, working in unison on people's safety.

"This is real-time information. It's shared in here as it happens, and we can dispatch the appropriate units to the course location if something were to happen out there," said Folio.

It's all hands on deck, with Scottsdale Police Sergeant Ben Hoster saying they work with fire, state, and federal officials.

"It's the biggest event we plan for a year, and we expect 700,000 people here over the week, and every year the event gets bigger," said Hoster. 

Officials say the center improves their response. 

For those who will drink at the Waste Management Phoenix Open, and will take a rideshare ride home, the pickup for Uber and Lyft rides are at Westworld. There will be shuttles to pick people up from the course to Westworld.