Avondale Krispy Kreme forced to temporarily shutdown as grads claim free doughnuts

An Avondale Krispy Cream got so busy Tuesday that it was forced to temporarily shut down to keep up with demand.

Why? 2020 grads crashed the place and employees couldn't keep up with doughnut production. But this was for good reason.

They were giving out free doughnuts for recent graduates. A promotion that's been highly advertised, mostly through word of mouth.

“We’ve had promotions like these before where there’s been a bit of traffic to the Home Depot. But that’s as far as it ever got. This one was blocking the I-10, something I’ve never seen before," said Pricilla Reyes, Krispy Kreme employee.

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The promo is something that's important to her.

"It’s a promotion and it’s close to my heart just because I am graduating this year, I am missing out on my senior prom, my senior graduation, and all those fun things that make this year a senior year," Reyes said.

The promotion goes through May 24th and more information can be found here.