Axe-throwing club set to open in Tempe

You can call it "edgy" entertainment: an axe-throwing club is set to open in the Valley.

Yes. Axe-throwing.

Axe-throwing venues first hit the scene in Canada about a decade ago. Now, it's becoming a thing in the U.S.

In the Valley, "LumberjAxes" will soon be opening up its doors to the public by mid-February, and it will be the first of its kind in the Valley.

Francesco Dinardo says LumberjAxes is a great social setting for friends and family. You can drink, but you have to bring our own booze. In addition, you have to follow the rules.

"Very strict. One beer an hour," said Dinardo. "If you had to much, you're obviously not throwing."

There will also be axe coaches on site to provide instruction on proper technique and safety. Dinardo says it's just a good feeling when throwing an axe.

VIDEO: FOX 10's Stephanie Olmo tries out axe-throwing.