Battle between gun rights and gun control continues in Arizona

The gun debate is popping up in Arizona once again, as both sides are looking for new laws and stronger protections.

There's another effort to pass a legislation that aims to stop a domestic abuser from getting or keeping a gun.

"All over the country - Red States, Blue States, Purple States - are more aware of gun violence," said Laura Hudson with Moms Demand Action, in a phone interview.

Hudson says the demonstration in Virginia and pushback in Arizona won't deter their efforts.

"It's a temper tantrum because we're trying to pass laws that will save lives," said Hudson.

On the other side, a bill has been filed to try to protect gun rights in the state, at all costs.

The bill, filed by State Rep. Leo Biasiucci, will, if passed, make Arizona a "Second Amendment Sanctuary State". Biasiucci describes the bill, which would stop the state from cooperating with Federal officials over "violations to the Second Amendment", as a "pre-emptive action".

"You never know what's going to happen with a presidency or Congress," said Bisciucci.

On Tuesday, the city council in Bullhead City will vote on whether or not to make their municipality a "Second Amendment Sanctuary City".