Bill aims to keep voters from dropping off mail-in ballots at the polls on Election Day

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- The Arizona State Senate is voting on a bill that would keep voters from dropping off mail-in ballots at the polls on Election Day.

Under the legislation, voters that do not mail in their early ballots on time, would have to vote in person at a polling location, using a provisional ballot. If Senate Bill 1046 is passed, it would mean Arizona voters would not be allowed to wait until the last minute, and then bring in their filled-out ballot to their polling place or an early voting location to turn them in.

Republican State Sen. Michelle Ugenti-Rita says that the delays in vote totals are her motivation for this legislation, but this falls in the context of the highest turnout in the state in a long time, as more than 200,000 voters turned in their mail-in ballots on Election Day. It was an election that saw Martha McSally's election night lead turned into a loss to Kyrsten Sinema weeks later, and Republicans lost seats in the state legislature to Democrats.

Still, State Sen. Ugenti-Rita says it's about tidying up the process.

"Our elections have been delayed with frustratingly slow election results," said State Sen. Ugenti-Rita. "This bill is going to go a long way to relieve that delay that we've been experiencing in our election results for many, many years in Arizona."

"None of what I saw was getting at the heart of trying to make voting easier or trying to get people to the polls," said Democratic State Sen. Juan Mendez. "If anything, how I see this playing out in my district is that some people will become jaded."

"We have confused the right to vote with convenience," said Republican State Sen. J.D. Mesnard. "They are not the same thing."