Boulder View Fire: Volunteers caring for human and animal evacuees

As flames from the Boulder View Fire endanger homes, people and animals are forced to leave the threatened areas, and evacuation sites are available for both people and animals in need.

At Cactus Shadows High School, the men’s locker room has been transformed into a pet center, with kennels with dogs, cats, and even macaws.

For Sunny Parker, it has been non-stop since the night of June 27.

"My phone has blown up incredibly since last night. From one o'clock until maybe 6:30 this morning, I probably got 400 to 600 phone calls," said Parker.

Parker, who is also the president and founder of Arizona Foothills 9-1-1, is helping livestock and other animals forced to evacuate from the wildfire.

"We had a bunch of horses evacuated here last night. We also have four pigs, 16 chickens, and a variety of other animals," said Parker.

Things are expected to get busier.

"We are expecting more to come in. We have one ranch that has 45 horses, so that will be our next project here. If the winds shift, they will all be coming out this way," said Parker "It’s been extremely busy. People are afraid."

Pat Simmons with the Red Cross is helping with the evacuation site at Cactus Shadows High School.

"We are proving care and comfort to the people who need it," said Simmons. "They can come over here, cool off, hang out, get information as we get it, we pass it on."

20 to 30 people have been served so far, including people who are dropping off their pets in a partnership with the Arizona Humane Society.

The Red Cross stresses their doors are welcome to anyone forced to leave their home. They have plenty of water, air conditioning and pizza.