Boy, 5, dials 911 to order Happy Meal, Mesa police officer brings him one

(Photo: Mesa Police Department)

Police in Mesa got a strange 911 call recently. A 5-year-old boy didn't have an emergency; he just wanted to order a Happy Meal from McDonald's.

A Mesa police officer delivered the food in person to the child, along with some advice about the proper time to use 911.

Randy Skabelund spoke to the dispatcher in a follow-up call to say there wasn't an emergency and his son Charlie must have had his cellphone. 

Officer Randolph "Scott" Valdez arrived later at the family's home for a welfare check.
He brought the requested meal, took time to teach Charlie about when it's the right time to call police and even posed for a few photos.

The boy's mother, Kim Skabelund, says Valdez handled the situation with "love and kindness."

The Associated Press contributed to this report.