Daughter jailed for stabbing father and mother; Heat-related deaths up to 6 | Nightly Roundup

From a woman stabbing her two parents near Sedona to a couple of fishermen who spotted and rescued 38 dogs treading water in a lake in Mississippi, here's a look at some of the top stories on FOX10Phoenix.com for Saturday, June 22, 2024.  

1. Daughter in jail for stabbing father and mother near Sedona


Daughter, 33-years-old, in jail after stabbing mother and father south of Sedona

A woman from Yavapai County was taken into custody for stabbing both of her parents multiple times. The woman's mother had to be airlifted to a trauma center.

2. Heat-related deaths in Phoenix-metro area up to 6 with more under investigation


Heat-related deaths up to 6 in metro Phoenix, dozens of others under investigation

Six people have died from heat-related causes so far this summer in metro Phoenix, but dozens of other deaths are still under investigation.

3. 4 children found living in squalor in Glendale


4 children found living in 'very filthy conditions' at Glendale apartments: PD

Police say officers investigating a possible stolen vehicle in Glendale found four children living in "very filthy conditions" at an apartment complex.

4. Fishermen save 38 dogs found treading water in a river in Mississippi 

Two anglers and their fishing guide heard barking from a distance while fishing in Mississippi's Grenada Lake. READ MORE.

5. Shelter in place lifted after acid spill in Goodyear


Shelter in place lifted for chemical leak in Buckeye, HAZMAT situation

A chemical leak from a company in Buckeye has caused a HAZMAT response and police are asking people in the area to shelter in place.

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