Car crashes into Gilbert business; 4 hurt

It was a close call at a Gilbert business as a car crashed into the building.

Only a few people walked away with minor injuries thanks to one worker who saw the out of control car and warned his coworkers.

The driver's Lincoln Town Car was towed away a short time after the crash as the workers began cleaning up and counting their blessings.

"I was right here by the front door, and I just told everyone to go," said Justin Goss.

Goss first spotted the car as it headed straight for him and his co-workers, here's what he was thinking.

"It came straight at us, so I told all our colleagues just to run out, and then from there I just got hit by the car and got flown into that wall," said Goss.

He's got some bruises but he's ok, and so are all of his coworkers.

"He interlocked like this with me, and then pulled me that way," said Eric Lee.

"He told everyone to get out of the way, everybody moved and basically if it wasn't for him, everyone would have gotten a lot more injured than they did," said another worker.

The driver appears to be ok too, police say he is in his 90's. It's not clear what went wrong, causing his car to slam into the building.

Gilbert Police plan to reconstruct the accident. After their investigation is finished it is possible the driver may be cited.