Car stolen from new parents outside Glendale hospital's maternity ward

A precious moment was stolen from these new parents, along with their car on Tuesday morning.

Dustie Walker gave birth to her daughter, Luna Vicky, on Monday. The next day, her husband, Marcos Espinoza was ready to take her and the newborn home.

"I'm at the hospital getting my wife and baby in the car in 110° weather," said Espinoza.

That's why he left the engine of their 2015 Chevrolet Malibu running and hurried in to get Dustie and their child. The vehicle was parked next to the Maternity entrance at Banner Thunderbird Medical Center, but when they exited the building, the car was gone.

"Because we're literally parked out in front of a maternity ward with flowers on the car, a toddler car seat in the back with infant car seat base on the other side, they didn't even think twice."

Several important documents were also inside the car.

The couple has a Go Fund Me set up to replace their belongings, but Dustie says what upsets her the most is the loss of mementos made by her grand grandmother for Luna.

"And we had her baby towel and her baby blanket, and we had some personal clothes like her clothes, going home outfit and those aren't things we can get back, you know."

The couple says they keep reminding themselves how much worse things could have been and try to focus on their blessings.


New Parents stunned when man steals their car from in front of maternity ward at Banner Thunderbird Hospital, Glendale.
We came out with the baby and the car was gone! #fox10phoenix

— Linda Fox 10 (@lindawfox10) July 10, 2019