Chandler Police: Suspect in deadly April robbery and assault arrested

Jordan Sullivan

Officials with Chandler Police Department say they have found the person believed to be responsible for a deadly robbery and assault incident that took place in April.

According to court documents released by Chandler Police, the incident happened at around 12:30 a.m. on April 9, at a convenience store near Arizona Avenue and Riggs Road. The suspect, now identified as 21-year-old Jordan Antonio Sullivan, approached the victim at the gas pump, grabbed him, and threw him to the ground, causing various injuries.

The suspect, according to investigators, later rifled through the victim's pockets while he was on the ground, found the car keys, and then fled the area in the car. Chander Police officers were later able to find the car and tried to stop Sullivan, but Sullivan led officers on a pursuit that was eventually terminated due to reckless driving.

The car, according to court documents, was later spotted by Gila River Police officers, who engaged in a pursuit. The car was totaled in a wreck.

Sullivan, according to Chandler Police officials, was taken into custody by Gila River officers. The victim, meanwhile, died from injuries he suffered on April 19.

Officials say Sullivan is accused of 1st Degree Murder, Robbery, Aggravated Assault, Theft of Means of Transportation, and Unlawful Flight from Law Enforcement.