Circle K employee killed; police report outlines shooting details

We're learning new details about the night a Circle K clerk was murdered in cold blood.

Police reports reveal what went down in the final seconds when a gunman opened fire at the store near Deer Valley Road and 19th Avenue.

Police say 35-year-old Seth Martin is a cold, calm and calculated killer. Reports released Thursday reveal new information about the night he's accused of shooting and killing the clerk during an armed robbery back in April.

Martin told police he didn't do it, but a lie detector test and other evidence says otherwise.

The final moments of 46-year-old John Still's life were caught on surveillance video at the Circle K -- an innocent victim of an armed robbery.

Police reports reveal his deadly confrontation with his killer lasted only about 30 seconds. Still was seen trying to knock the weapon out of the gunman's hand, but was unsuccessful.

The gunman, who police identify as Martin, shot still about a half dozen times. Martin was seen calmly grabbing his drink as he walked away, then turned to shoot Still one more time on his way out.

A witness called 911 seconds later and took several pictures of the crime scene before trying to administer CPR.

Police arrested Martin at his job a couple days later after the shooting. He told police he didn't have anything to do with the murder, but the police report shows Martin failed a polygraph test.

After searching Martin's mobile home, police found the same clothing and the .380 caliber handgun seen in the surveillance video. Shell casings found at the scene matched the gun found in Martin's home.

Martin is now facing first-degree murder and armed robbery charges. He's due in court later this month.

Still left behind a wife who suffers from emphysema and liver failure. He was her only caregiver.