Citations to be issued for distracted driving in Tempe

TEMPE, Ariz. (FOX 10) -- If you're driving through Tempe, you'll need to stay off of your cell phone as police will begin issuing citations to people violating the city's distracted driving ordinance.

Per, "The new changes, which take effect immediately, allow Tempe Police to cite drivers for holding, typing on or operating a mobile device while driving. Devices must be used in hands-free or voice-operated modes. Removing the distraction associated with handheld mobile devices will allow drivers to better focus attention on driving, resulting in improved safety for all roadway users.

Exceptions to the ordinance include if a driver is using a mobile device while parked on the side of a road, stopped at a railroad crossing or at a red light."

Drivers are subject to a $100 fine plus penalty for the first offense; $250 fine for the second offense plus penalty and a $500 fine plus penalty for repeat incidents within a 24-month period.

VIDEO: FOX 10's Marcy Jones reports.

Read the documents:

Tempe City Ordinance O2019.07