City of Phoenix unveils new accessibility signs

In downtown Phoenix, it was a new day for folks with disabilities.

"As a person who has done marathons in my wheelchair, I particularly love this," said Jennifer Longdon, a disability advocate.

"From 1968 until today, there hasn't been a change in this icon, so now we have this more progressive image.. leaning forward movement -- it represents the disabled community much more than the previous one did," explained City of Phoenix ADA Coordinator Peter Fischer.

Three months in the making, this new icon can be seen in some areas in downtown Phoenix. The original idea birthed out of Massachusetts and help from local Cigna Healthcare executives made it possible.

It was a big event to unveil the new sign and plenty of people attended to support the cause.

"It's about people who are working class, who are out there doing their jobs like everyone else is and that old stick figure just didn't represent them as a person," said Fischer.

Longdon added, "I just think it conveys a person on the move, a person who is active, engaged and that's a message I want everyone to have when it comes to the disability community."

A new image with a new home for the community.