CIVIC PRIDE: Idea by high school sophomore results in contest for new city in Scottsdale

Flags have been a hot topic of conversation in recent times. For many, they stand as a powerful symbol, but the City of Scottsdale is ready to change theirs, and they are looking to the people for help.

One might walk by the City of Scottsdale flag without even noticing, but that's not the case for Conner Heron.

"There are a lot of ways we could fix it," said Heron. "While it does show that we're Scottsdale, and it's the Scottsdale seal, it's not very creative, and when it hangs on a flag, it looks like a white banner and isn't appealing. Doesn't represent Scottsdale well."

Over the summer, Heron, a sophomore at Desert Mountain High School, decided to reach out to the Mayor of Scottsdale to talk about the design of the current flag.

"I thought maybe we could do something better for the city, and a project that would engage the community," said Heron.

Heron suggested a new flag, created by the community, and to his surprise, he got a response. Now, a design contest for a new flag is underway.

"This flag has been here since city was incorporated," said Scottsdale City Councilwoman Kathy Littlefield. "I like it that it came from the community and our youth. I think that's very good, and I want to encourage that."

Heron said a general rule is that a flag shouldn't have any writing on it, and should have three colors.

"If you're standing from far away, this just looks like a blue circle," said Heron.

Heron has already created some designs.

"I really enjoy living here, and I think having something that represents this city would be a great way to show ourselves to other cities," said Heron.

City of Scottsdale City Flag Challenge