Dancing in duct tape: contest for tape inspired fashions

You hear people joke about how duct tape can be used for anything, how about making formal prom attire out of the sticky rolls of tape?

That is exactly what a young valley couple did as part of a national competition for scholarship money.

It took Rosalyn and Sean 127 hours to complete their looks, which included a suit, three piece dress, and numerous accessories. All made out of Duct Tape. The couple is competing against nine other finalists for $25,000; money the teens will use to head to their dream schools in the fall.

17-year-old Rosalyn Bataille is an accomplished dancer, and no stranger to the many uses for duct tape.

"Repairing my point shoes, and using it for dance, like to cover up my blisters and stuff," said Rosalyn Bataille.

Now the sticky straps are helping her pay for college. Rosalyn and her prom date Sean Proia are finalists in Duct Tape Brand's "Stuck at Prom" scholarship competition. These colorful hand-made masterpieces are a chance to win $10,000 each.

"It is individually pleated, so it isn't just exactly layered on top of itself, we like did each pleat on its own," said Bataille.

Using 33 rolls of tape in 13 patterns, the pair created their looks to wear at Rosalyn's Prom. For Rosalyn a top and skirt complete with a detachable train featuring three dozen duct tape rose.

"All my friends signed it; some people got a little creative like my friend Sienna over there," she said.

For 18-year-old Sean, a traditional suit covered in duct tape strips and accessories. The suit pants were stiff enough to stand up on their own.

"At prom I wore it for about 45 minutes, and I couldn't dance in it, so I switched to my backup suit," said Sean Proia.

From shoes to hair clips to handbags, the pair even crafted their own duct tape accessories, 2 winning looks that may ease the burden of college tuition.

"The tuition is steep, and this $10,000 will really help pay off the first half of the year," said Bataille.

The stuck at prom contest ends on July 8. In the fall, Sean plans to attend Northern Arizona University, and Rosalyn will head to the California Institute of the Arts where she will continue to study dance.

Online: http://stuckatprom.com/