Day of giving: Press Coffee donating all proceeds from Jan. 24 to Phoenix Children's Hospital

A busy day at Press Coffee means a day of giving was well underway on Friday.

"So we recognize the coffee shop in particular and us as a brand are very much part of the community," said Alex Mason, co-owner of Press Coffee. "As a coffee shop, we tend to be kind of a focal point for different neighborhoods and we appreciate so much our loyal customers and we just want to make sure that we give our part in giving back to local communities."

Mason says giving back is what it's all about. This year for Press Coffee on charity day, 100% of proceeds from today's sales will be donated to Phoenix Children's Hospital.

"So this is our third day of giving -- every year has gotten larger. To date, we have donated about $13,000 and this year should be our largest, especially since we have five partners matching our donations this year," Mason said.

So, a $2 cup of coffee means five times the donation.

"It's amazing, it's so cool to see every year. The day of giving has a big boost in revenue and we're so excited to see the community diving in, knowing that it's going on and wanting to be part of that giveback movement," Mason said.

Press Coffee has been in business in the Valley since 2008. All eight locations are participating in the day of giving.