Demolition efforts begin at Paradise Valley Mall as redevelopment project moves forward

On July 7, crews have moved in to the Paradise Valley Mall area to demolish the mall.

Drone video taken over the construction site on the morning of July 7 shows bulldozers ripping apart the old mall. An area where the Sears used to be has been torn down by afternoon.

Rezoning paved way for mall redevelopment project

The demolition is part of a redevelopment project that’s been years in the works.

In February, officials with the City of Phoenix announced that a rezoning request has been approved, officially paving the way for the mall's redevelopment. The project will include retail shops, restaurants, a grocery store, offices, self-storage, and high-rise multi-family housing no higher than 120 feet.

"The redevelopment of Paradise Valley Mall will provide economic stabilization, not just to the immediate area but to the surrounding neighborhoods as well," said Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego in a statement at the time.

Officials said at the time that the 92-acre site will be developed in phases, but the city's Mesquite Library is not part of the redevelopment project and will remain at the site. In addition, a JC Penney and a Costco in the area will remain open.

By March, the majority of stores at the mall were closed.

"I feel very sad. I keep saying good luck to all the different people," said Jane Ash back in March, who has walked or shopped at the mall every day for years.

"We have a lot of regular customers, and it is sad to say goodbye after all these years," said Frank Mineo, who owns a store at the mall called Puppies 'N Love. The store was one of a few that was still open at the mall in March.

Officials have yet to announce when the redevelopment plans will be completed.

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