Designer dog breed Goberian rising in popularity

Tiny purse pooches remain ever popular, such as designer mixes like the Shorkie, which is a Shih-Tzu crossed with a Yorkie.

A new designer dog breed may be taking off and these are not going to fit in anybody's purse.

Meet the Goberian, which is a Golden Retriever plus a Siberian Husky, which equals a Goberian.

Sheron Steele owns Xanadu Dogs in Colorado. Three years ago, she started breeding Goberians with results that she describes as stunning and magical.

The puppies are beyond cute, but she says beauty was not her top priority.

"I breed for temperament, first," she said. "Both of these breeds have great temperament as long as their ancestors do and it's hard to get a bad dog out of that."

Golden Retrievers are known for their loyalty and loving nature, Siberian Huskies for their strength and sturdiness.

Steele says the two combined are a strong, easily trainable dog who is loyal, alert and eager to please.

"He could be a pretty good watch dog, but I wouldn't count on it," she said. What he does instead is talk to you and what it is is a constant conversation."

While Goberians are a rare breed, we did actually find a similar breed cross in the valley.

Meet Bilbo, who is less than 2-years-old.

The Haywoods volunteer on the Arizona Golden Rescue and were called to get the pup nearly two years ago when he was left at a Casa Grande dog shelter. They were told he is a Goberian.

There are a lot of people excited about these designer breeds, but you get a different emotion if you talk to places like Maricopa County Animal Control.

"So I understand people having needs and special requirements, but you do need and create another breed just to meet your demands and requirements, especially when there are animals all over the country that are great dogs and great cats that are a mix of wonderful combinations that don't have that price tag or label on them," said Melissa Gable, of Maricopa County Animal Care and Control.

Gable says there are many unique breeds here at the animal care and control center. We spotted Puggles, which are Pugs plus Beagles, who are up for adoption.

A Shorkie was also found and adopted from the center.

Steele says she has taken in many rescues over her life, but she says when it comes to breeding a perfect family dog with few health issues, she thinks the Goberian and other mixed breeds are ideal.

"There's a place in the world for the designer dog, too," she said.

Prices range from $700 to $2,250 if you buy a puppy and allow Xanadu to use it for breeding in the future.

Xanadu Dogs is located in Colorado and Steele says she thinks she is one of a very few people breeding Goberians in the world.