Despite bleak job numbers due to coronavirus pandemic, some companies are still hiring

The service industry is being hit hard during the coronavirus pandemic, with thousands of workers losing their jobs.

David Snell, who is one of several applying for jobs with the help of non-profot organization St. Joseph the Worker, says job searching is especailly humbling and difficult right now.

"Somewhat desperate at this time," said Snell.

At the same time, however, many businesses are hiring. Michael Hayes, Program Director at St. Joseph the Worker, says jobs are out there.

"If you've got a clean driver's license, you could be working for Amazon, some of these other delivery companies that need somebody that has a regular car license, that’s clean, that they can insure," said Hayes.

Amazon is looking for workers for warehouse or delivery job, and wages start at $17 to $18 per hour. Grocery stores are also paying $13-$14 an hour.

Hayes says the grocery job is one he would pursue first.

"Even if they send you to place to fill out online, they are saying they’re getting back to people within 24 hours, because they really need people to stock those shelves at night," said Hayes. "They also have to worry about their own workers who are sick and isolating themselves, but they’re going to be considered an essential service to keep the store open, so that’s probably the safest place to go," said Hayes.

Snell says it is competitive out there at the moment, but he’s optimistic.

"Just get out there and put your time in, and you’ll find something," said Snell.

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