Dispensary manager speaks out as stores adapt to era of legalized recreational marijuana in Arizona

It has been two weeks since people could legally buy marijuana in the state for recreational use, and officials with some of the dispensaries in the Valley are speaking out about how things have been going so far.

Sol Flower has four dispensary locations in the Valley, and the manager at the Scottsdale location says things are going a lot smoother than she thought it would.

Moryah Hodshire says since Jan. 22, they have seen an influx of customers.

"It’s getting there. We’ve definitely seen an increase in our patient base, and it’s nice to see that it’s 50/50, so we have the medical patients and the recreational patients. There’s a nice ratio to it," said Hodshire.

Hodshire says so far, customers have respected the rules, in that they keep their bags closed until they are home, and are not using the product on property.

The store, meanwhile, has added registers, and has had to increase its amount of product, which affected medical patients for a short time.

"Really, it’s just with the medical patients," said Hodshire. "We had to stop a lot of our deals we were having, because of our lack of supply with opening up for recreational patients, to make sure we had enough product for everyone. We had to cut back on the deals a little bit, but we just started adding more deals into our marketing. That way, we have stuff to be able to offer to the patients."

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