Dog theft suspect lured French Bulldog out of Phoenix computer store

PHOENIX (KSAZ) -- An unusual dog theft unfolded in Phoenix Tuesday afternoon.

In this incident, the dog, a rare French Bulldog, was lured out of a family's business, and then stolen. Now, the owners are frantically trying to track down their beloved pet.

Surveillance video from the computer store shows the heartbreaking moment, when a man picked up Hammer, a five-year-old French Bulldog, and quickly put it in the backseat of his car. The footage is difficult for Hammer's owner to watch.

"We love our dog. It's like our child. You raise something for five years and have it taken away from you, it's not cool," said Gordon Mitrovic. "I'm killing myself to fight these tears. Just please give us our dog back. That's all we want."

Hammer was taken from a computer store Mitrovic opened four days ago. The store is located near 27th Avenue and Indian School Road in Phoenix. While his back was turned and he worked on a computer, Mitrovic said the man came to the front door of the business, quietly opened the screen door, and lured Hammer outside.

"The guy is friendly, and our dog is friendly and loves people and followed him out," siad Mitrovic. "When I saw how he picked him up and threw him in his car, it turned ugly."

The breed is worth thousands of dollars, but Mitrovic said it's not the money that matters to them. They are offering a reward, and they have passed out flyers and flooding social media with Hammer's picture, hoping someone recognizes the thief or the dog, and contacts the family.

"Please help me get my dog back," said Mitrovic. "We give him medicine. He's got a bad liver. We're afraid we're going to lose him if we don't get him back."

If you think you have seen Hammer, please call the owner. Also, anyone who recognize the thief should call police.