Dogs found dead in crates on side of Laveen street

One after another, four dead dogs were found in crates on the side of the street in Laveen, in a horrifying sight.

One was found in a crate on Roeser Road, just east of 35th Avenue. There was still an open can of food inside.

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Dog lovers in the area are alarmed by these cases, and they don't understand why this is happening. They also take it very personally.

"It is just really sad. People think they have to dump their animals instead of calling them for help. I hate that we find animals on the side of the road, just like garbage," said Robyn Philhower with the Animal Lovers of Laveen.

Phoenix Police are investigating, but have not determined yet whether the cases are linked in any way. It's also unclear whether the dogs were victims of abuse. Leaving the dead dogs on the street, however, can be dangerous to public health.

"Well, if that dog had a disease, that disease has now been spread where that dog has been left," said Christine Bidgood with the Animal Lovers of Laveen. "Obviously, decomposition will occur, there will be an odor. It will attract other predators to that area."

There is help available for dog owners who might not be able to care for their dogs or afford trips to the veterinarian.

"What we will do is send them down to our veterinarians, try to work out a lower cost plan were we will maybe fund it or assist with the payments of it," said Daniel Gonzalez with the Arizona Pet Project. "Another thing would be temporary boarding."

Maricopa County Animal Care and Control also helps pets and pet owners, as does the Arizona Humane Society.